Fears build up

We are concerned that the developers are proposing to build up the site to the detriment of the surrounding houses.

For our street (Arawa Place) they are proposing to construct a 1.6m retaining wall on our rear boundaries, upon which they plan to add a fence of at least 1.8m in height. This is on our northern boundary and would considerably affect our property values.

In addition, if the purchaser builds a two-storey house on the land, this would be equivalent to having a small tower over our back fence.

Joondalup council has just received the subdivision application. However, we are extremely concerned about the options for residents in the surrounding areas affected by this redevelopment.

If the site is going to be built up so much we believe that this would effectively create a ‘silo’ effect for the subdivision and not integrate well into the existing environment.

We are definitely not against redeveloping the site; however, we would prefer if it was subtly integrated into the suburb rather than becoming a blight for residents.