Feral cats the big problem

I have caught 31 of the poor creatures in my garden over the past two years.

They are usually starving and sometimes sick.

I now find myself with another five to catch!

It isn’t their fault ” irresponsible owners are to blame.

But now I find myself, as with others who care, with no-one to help us catch them.

I have rung countless authorities as well as the Wanneroo council, but no-one comes to help.

Luckily, I found one lady to help me, but she is overwhelmed with the problem as well, far more than I am.

The council will not help unless you ‘contain’ the cats.

This is extremely difficult to do. I know, I have puncture wounds and countless scratches to prove it.

While none of the authorities help catch them, they continue to breed at a rapid rate, and people like me, while doing their best to help them, are fighting a losing battle.

Their numbers continue to grow.

Note that if a dog is seen wandering the neighbourhood, the council will come and collect it and try to return it home.

But the cat is altogether a very different issue, it seems. Why?

The problem is bigger than most know.

But as big as it is, it has to be addressed and dealt with.