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I FEEL sorry for poor Geoff Vickers (Money back, Times, January 28) who doesn’t like the ‘abysmal’ entry statements in the City of Joondalup.

Not only is he $3 out of pocket (by his estimation), but he also appears to have neither the initiative nor the intellect to find out what the arrangement of brightly painted poles means.

I suggest he turns off the television, leaves the comfort of his lounge chair and gets down to the local library, or (more conveniently) to the keyboard of his computer, to find out what the entry statement he complains about represents.

He might be pleasantly surprised.

He will at least have a better appreciation of part of our traditional and cultural heritage.

At least the poles are more in keeping with our environment ” both built and natural ” than the glitzy plastic diamonds that look like they were originally designed for a Blackpool bingo hall, but somehow landed on the roundabout at the intersection of Hepburn Avenue and Northshore Drive in Sorrento.

Graeme Hunt, Mullaloo