Opinion: Build more fundamental services in Burns Beach

THANK you, Mary O’ Byrne for highlighting the fact that crossing Marmion Avenue at the roundabout north of Burns Beach Road is a dangerous exercise, often resulting in pedestrians stuck in the middle between four lanes of fast-moving traffic.

All services, schooling facilities, and most public transport resides in Kinross. Constantly crossing this road between suburbs in vehicles is a necessity for Burns Beach residents.

This intersection poses an enormous threat to accessibility between both Burns Beach and Kinross, creating what can only be referred to as a “traffic wall”, a wall that quite obviously needs to be bridged, given the lack of facilities in Burns Beach.

Solutions to this issue have been proposed, with an “a grade level crossing” further to the north being the most recent.

However, this does not affect the flow of traffic, and simply just relocates the issue further up the road.

The only real solution involves fixing the fundamental issues at hand.

Firstly, implement a crossing method that is not a grade such as a bridge or underpass. Secondly, introduce schooling, public transport and services into the estate itself.