Full support

IN response to Mary O’ Byrne�s letter in the August 25 edition headlined �Traffic danger�, I support the petition and congratulate Mary O’Byrne on her undertaking to obtain an underpass or footbridge at Marmion Avenue.

I have children at Kinross Primary School and am regularly hearing parents complain about how difficult it is to cross Marmion Avenue to bring their children safely to school.

All parents are supportive of the petition and recognise a pressing community need to get our children across Marmion Avenue to Edinburgh Avenue.

I try to walk to Burns Beach at least once a week for exercise purposes, and find it a very daunting process crossing the road, even without my children with me.

A crossing would provide us with great �walkability� and would encourage people to walk more often.

It would be especially beneficial for people with children and dogs.

I really hope that some form of crossing will be available to us in the not too distant future.

JANE DALY, Kinross.