God the designer

There is no solid evidence to prove evolution. In fact, the more science discovers the more we can see God’s creation and design.

Every creature and plant is uniquely designed and they will only ever reproduce themselves.

The intricate design of just a single protein molecule is so complex it is impossible for it to have come about by chance, let alone the myriad creatures of earth, sea and sky.

The discovery of DNA has disproved evolution. If a lie is repeated often enough it is blindly accepted as truth.

How does a bee produce honey or a spider create a web? How does a bird fly? Its wings are intricately designed. How could all of these creatures possibly have come from nowhere, just by themselves?

There is no design without a designer.

Where do art and music come from? Emotions, or our ability to design and invent things?

The truth is they come from God because He made humans in His image. I encourage people to investigate more thoroughly before simply writing creation off as ‘religious dogma’.

Many scientists have decided for creation and they are ostracised for it.

People who dismiss the Bible as a load of fairy stories have never read or studied it. There are truths in the Bible that scientists are still discovering, so don’t just ignore it, have a look.