Good and bad

I�VE known of the chook farm on Wanneroo Road, near the townsite, since starting veterinary practice in the 70s.

The smells are not good and the place should be moved further from the townsite but, as we all like chooks and eggs, not closed as a business.

Talk is made of having houses in the land instead, which is good and bad.

Perhaps we need more people, but I have in mind we should consider parks for coming generations.

Around the lake is good, but we must have healthy breaks from concrete, concrete, and more concrete.

In the past, the local parks should have been more in number and size. OK, that might upset the infrastructure of length of pipes, power wires and so forth costs but remember this country, Western Australia, on the Indian Ocean “corridor”, along the coast to Geraldton, is a long stretch of usable land.