Grateful for gift of a new life

Towards the last few days prior to the transplant, I had reached an extremely serious degree of poor health where the operation might not be viable due to my oxygenation levels.

Well, at 7am on September 3, I received the much-anticipated call from one of the transplant team.

I wish I could tell you the emotions I felt, but you are on automatic pilot ” reaching for the bags, pulling on clothes and making my way to the car.

My husband ready to take me to a life-changing operation.

Off in the rush-hour traffic, knowing we had just two hours to get there.

We did it by the skin of our teeth.

Arriving at the hospital and going up to the ward, seeing familiar faces and listening to everything, but not really taking anything in.

My mortality suddenly hit me; I was frantically calling family and friends.

Waiting to hear that the donor liver would be a good match and finally the journey to theatre. Waking up after the operation; I made it.

I am now on the road to a new life ” enjoying my grandchildren, life and at last looking well, sounding alive and looking forward positively.

I cannot thank the transplant team enough; with their expertise and skills you are in truly excellent hands.

The nursing team on G63 were unbelievable, as were the hepatology team.

I want to reiterate that although my best day was someone’s nightmare day, I have carried on their gift and cannot thank them enough.

So come on WA, discuss with loved ones your wishes to give someone else life.