THE City of Joondalup simply cannot ignore the 1986 people who signed the petition to protect Kingsley Park bushland.

Around 75 per cent of the signatories live in Kingsley and the other 25 in various suburbs within the city. All are asking the elected mayor and councillors to ensure that Lot 971 is not sold.

The bushland has many mature trees and contains 112 jarrah, 27 banksia, 16 tuarts, 16 sheoak, 15 jacksonia and around 150 grass trees and abundant wildlife.

Trees take up and store carbon, provide oxygen and shade cooling the urban landscape. Trees and vegetation reduce stormwater runoff by breaking rainfall and capturing the water through their root systems.

As a former president of Kingsley & Greenwood Residents’ Association, I am proud of the committee and members and wish to thank them and all who signed the petition for their invaluable efforts on this and many other issues within the City of Joondalup.


RECENTLY a study by a company that determines the “walkability index”, rated our suburb of Gnangara as the worst in Perth.

As this index is a measure of distances between homes and services, this is unfortunate but understandable for a special rural area. Local people still appreciate the tranquillity open spaces and nature provide.

However, in their great wisdom, planners decided to run the Ocean Reef Road extension along the area’s southern boundary and Badgerup Road, a direct turn off, is now used as a short cut for commuters and hurtling trucks every morning and afternoon.

The speed limit of 80 km/h is excessive for a hilly, single-lane road bounded by residential properties, and creates a real hazard from speeding and overtaking bumper-to-bumper traffic .

Pedestrians and cyclists now use this road at their personal risk. In fact, children not so long ago used to ride their horses along the verge of Badgerup Road, which has now become a highway from hell.

The solution is up to the council to reduce the speed limit, install roundabouts or restrict this road to local traffic only before fatalities occur.

Improving public transport access and building bikeways would also go a long way.

GREG GLASOV, Gnangara.