Idea ineffective

Contrary to some recent reports, there are a large number of people including scientists, divers and surfers who oppose the shark cull and most of these people are not (as Mr Prumm describes) “crazy”.

I was at the anti-shark cull rally at Cottesloe Beach on February 1 with my family and in fact, there were swimmers and surfers protesting in the water.

It was a well-organised event and there was very little (or no) violence or bad behaviour.

Many of these undersized and “at risk” species of sharks are dying before they can be released and there is a great risk that other endangered or threatened species can be killed by these hooks.

Yes, Mr Prumm you are right; there are many real issues to protest about when it comes to the environment, which our government is intent on destroying.

However, just because sharks are scary and they have caused some deaths does not exempt them from being protected.

They are top-level predators and are vital to the fragile balance of the oceans, which is already under serious threat from poor human management.

There are many other ways to protect our beaches that are far less harmful to our environment and which are more effective in saving human lives.