Just be honest

MY husband and I are looking to escape the “rent trap” and finally buy a house since moving from South Australia to WA a year and a half ago.

I’m bewildered by the “leniency” that is the WA real estate laws and guidelines.

It’s incredibly disheartening when searching on a real estate website within your budget parameters when properties come up clearly selling for millions of dollars but it is advertised as “All offers presented” or “Make an offer” or even with a $100k variance in the price guide.

You have further to filter through houses that aren’t even in your own spectrum.

As we are selling our home in SA, the laws there state you can only advertise with an actual figure and the nominal variance must not exceed 10 per cent either way. At least you know where you stand.

It’s hard enough buying in WA as it is, especially in the $400-$600k price range where people seem to be “panic buying”.

Just be honest and stop being “cheeky”.

And while I’m at it; the subdivision laws need to be reviewed. It’s sickening what has happened to our suburbs.

Before too long there will be no houses left with any yard space whatsoever. Moreover, as a parent, having a “park down the road” doesn’t cut it every day.

It’s not realistic to think you don’t need any space with children.

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