Laneway smokers a real nuisance

The sight and smell of the local community college students smoking in the laneway behind my place is most unwelcome.

As the father of a 10-month-old, I have raised concerns with the local school, to be told that they don’t have a problem with their under-age students smoking before school.

Basically, it is a case of ‘out of mind, out of sight’.

To my annoyance, the school is more than happy to place a teacher at the local IGA to manage the ill-behaviour, yet they are happy to turn a blind eye to the smokers, some 50 metres away.

It would be appreciated if the school took our complaints seriously.

We are sick of putting up with the smell each morning, but also having to clean up the mess left on our back walls as the students see fit to use them as ashtrays.

Perhaps a change of tack to involve the authorities may reap a better result.

It is inconsiderate, and I would appreciate it if it would stop.