Lot not rezoned yet by council

A piece of land at 52 Creaney Drive in Kingsley in the City of Joondalup’s name.

It’s zoned urban/civic and cultural, and the City in recent years has been talking about potentially selling its freehold block to help fund the proposed performing arts centre.

It is not an area of Kingsley Park as stated in last week’s Times. It is a one-hectare strip of degraded bushland bounded by the park, Kingsley Professional Centre and the local tavern.

Cr John Chester, who is up for re-election in the area’s south east ward, has been instrumental in a 1900-signature petition to retain the site and has done a vegetation survey.

But lot 971 has not been retained as indicated in last week’s article.

For it has not officially come before the council for a decision to rezone it for commercial use and aged person homes, triggering further community consultation.

Cr Chester’s two ward seat opponents, Jen Benson-Lidholm and Yadi Gibson, both say they will work to retain it.

Ms Gibson pointed out to the Times last week that it had erred by indicating the Kingsley land had been retained when no final decision had been made.

With voter turnout low in non-compulsory local government elections, this just may be the year for ratepayers to make their voice heard and perhaps vote for the first time.