Lucky indeed

I WAS reminded of just how lucky we are upon a recent routine trip to Spotlight.

Whilst I was lost among the blinds attempting to decipher the correct measurements for my windows, my two daughters were playing hide and seek in the aisles.

Unfortunately my two-year-old tripped and fell, impaling her hand on a loose curtain hook caught in one of the shelves.

My daughter was screaming, as was I.

A shop assistant fetched a pair of pliers and a beautiful young man (named Khalim if I remember correctly) cut her loose, drove us to Joondalup hospital and waited until we were admitted to the Emergency Department.

He remained calm and reassuring throughout and I am eternally grateful for his help. In the ED, a competent team of professionals provided exceptional care for my youngest daughter.

As I returned to my car close to midnight with my daughter whole again and in my arms, I was overwhelmed with relief and gratitude.

How lucky we are to live in a country where a passer-by is not afraid to stop and help, where emergency health care is readily available and where doctors and nurses are caring professionals.

In the face of a changing demographic, uncertain international relations and a deep scepticism of the Government, we often question our national identity.

Well, in my mind we will always be �the lucky country�.

Thank you Khalim and thank you to the staff of Joondalup Paediatric Emergency Department .