Many questions about arts centre

IT WOULD be very good to have an arts centre in Joondalup and I know that we have many talented artists in Perth.

My feeling, however, is that our residents will prefer to go to a theatre downtown, but the answer can only be found after the centre is in operation. There is a risk.

However, the pictures for the concept design are much too small to allow any comment. A model of each design would be a good thing to have.

In addition, how can we make any judgment without knowing what exactly will be happening in that centre?

For example, how large will the theatre be; how much would the centre cost, how will it be financed and what will be the effect on rates, will native bushland go and is the location suitable because there is nothing there to form an active cluster?

Finally, the questionnaire does not include an option for saying no, I don’t like any of it.

My answer is sorry, but I cannot make any choice.