Many shocks in WA

We are well-travelled “grey nomads” and see parking in WA the like of which we have seen nowhere else in any other State. Do drivers really think they can park anywhere they like and not be fined?

Maybe your lesson will help others.

We moved to WA by choice, as grey nomads it was an easy choice; Western Australia is a beautiful place to live out the rest of our lives. However, we have had a couple of shocks unlike in any other State.

There is thoughtless parking as drivers park anywhere they like, often blocking safe access for the disabled, prams or motorised scooters.

Roundabouts are very scary places for us who are not used to the habits of those who don’t know how to indicate what they are doing i.e. left “blinker” to go straight ahead.

On another matter, could someone please explain to us why there is so much rubbish left laying about at Wanneroo Central shopping complex? It’s sad to see.

We love living in WA, but have a problem with the unsightly rubbish problem.