Matter of time

WRITER Phillip Avery, all you explain in your letter about wind power generation is correct.

I look at the story this way: the power companies have invested billions in power stations and the grid. In addition, as we use coal to fire the power plants coalmines have a vested interest.

Moreover, coal needs transport. It needs diesel to run and that raises tax for the Government and gives the truckies jobs.

On the other hand, renewable energy (solar, wind, thermal, tidal) gets cheaper and cheaper.

But can we expect that those at the losing end shut their plants and go somewhere else?

Yes. This will happen but it will happen over time: give it 20 to 30 years.

By that time or perhaps sooner, we will have batteries that are cheap and have good storage capacity. Then we can buy one, disconnect from the grid and turn our back to the power companies.

Probably the power plants and grid (whatever is left by that time) will fail and the taxpayer will have to pay the loss via taxes (sorry, Phillip, we are always at the bitter end).

In the end, we will be fully on renewables. Therefore, the earlier we join the transition, the better off we are.