Much yet to do

THE Paris agreement on climate change is very good.

However, the agreement needs to be signed by all 195 governments by end of April. Then by 2020, all administrative items need to be put into place such as who will be in charge, how to set standards, how to check what has been done and so forth.

After a five-year interval the agreement will be reviewed.

There are no penalties if a government does not live up to expectations. Nevertheless, this agreement will release goodwill in all countries.

Each country will check what can be done better (in WA why are we still using coal-fired power plants, in Australia, why are we still approving coal mines) and we, the people, will ask more questions such as why are we cutting down trees instead of protecting them?

The other driving force will be technology. It is clear now that we can do better by using renewable energy sources and the race towards that goal is on. Australia will pay a part in it: that is part of our change to a brain-powered economy.

In addition, we will do more to protect nature, no to deforestation, yes to reforestation. It is in the agreement.

In all: seems we got the point and once we have done so we will do better.