Nothing done

FURTHER to the recent letters from Greg Glasov and other concerned residents about the unacceptable traffic and speed of vehicles on Badgerup Road, we live in the Lakelands estate and have the same problems.

People are using our estate as a shortcut to get to Sydney Road.

The speed limit is 60km/h but often drivers speed along this road and do so with absolute impunity.

I have written to the City of Wanneroo’s chief executive twice. The council is aware that the speed of vehicles is too high but essentially has chosen to do nothing.

That is my translation of the standard letters I have received as an answer.

Now that we are getting an industrial area right next door to us, with three planned exits into Sydney Road, I fear things will only get worse.

The City seems to be asleep at the wheel or indifferent to the deterioration of the quality of life of the people living here.

In addition, the Ocean Reef Road extension has brought a massive increase in traffic noise, partly also because of the 80km/h speed limit that is mostly ignored, especially by truck drivers.

Noise limiting structures along Ocean Reef Road would have been of help, but hey, that would have cost some money and what right have a handful of people to ask for a bit of peace and quiet.

Apart from building roads, there seems to be little planning at work here.