Opinion: Irresponsible dog owners continue to get away with offence

THE Wanneroo Council has now confirmed that no infringement notices have been issued to irresponsible dog owners on the non-dog beaches at Quinns Rocks in the past 12 months, preferring to continue its failed policy of ‘education’.

So off-leash dogs can continue to roam freely on all beaches and their owners can be safe in the knowledge that they will never be fined.

As for the rest of us beachgoers, expect to be greeted by verbal abuse and threats from these irresponsible dog owners, not forgetting the possibility of being attacked by a dog. The council is not prepared to do anything for you.

We deserve better.

When is the council, after so many years of this problem getting worse, going to start enforcing its own bylaws, or will these irresponsible dog owners continue to be a protected species?

Name and address supplied.