Opinion: It’s the big stuff that matters, Andrea Mitchell

Andrea Mitchell, you will be missed
Andrea Mitchell, you will be missed

I WRITE to make comment on the large advertisement taken out by Andrea Mitchell, MLA for Kingsley, in your paper on February 14, 2017.

In listing Ms Mitchell’s achievements, one could be confused in thinking she was a local government councillor. Shelters, bus bay, cycleway.

My expectation of a good State MLA is to support but not sweat the small stuff and take up the big issues for her electorate. For example, where was Ms Mitchell when hundreds of thousands of dollars were removed from our primary and high schools’ budgets?

Where was Ms Mitchell when tenders were let for State projects and jobs went overseas rather than here for West Australians. Does Ms Mitchell support the sale of Western Power?

And why does Ms Mitchell continue to support fracking of tight and shale gas despite the well documented risks of fracking on surface and underground water resources.

These are some of the big issues, Ms Mitchell, that your electorate would like you to address in your next political advertisement.