Owners care

The dog owners signing the petition to extend the dog beach 250 metres do so because they are responsible, caring dog owners. However, human nature being what it is, you will get some people who do not do the right thing.

For example, should we stop football on Oldham Oval because some supporters leave flip top caps and cans lying on the grass?

Should we stop the footballers playing on the oval because some leave dirty strips of plasters on the grass (dogs love to chew these and it is not good for them)?

Should we stop the sale of disposable nappies because some people leave them lying around rather than put them in the bin? Should we stop the fishermen fishing because some of them leave plastic bait bags and broken tackle on the beach?

Should we stop the sale of takeaway food because most rubbish we collect on our rubbish pick-ups is takeaway cartons and cans?

Responsible dog owners are doing their utmost to educate those who do not do the right thing, such as picking up their dog faeces. Where possible, bags are offered to those who do not use them.

We aim to educate. It is also the responsibility of the council to ensure an adequate supply of doggy pooh bags at the dog beach.

This association asked for and had signs put on the ovals reminding people to pick up after their dogs. We are asking dog owners to register their dogs and at the recent Capricorn Festival we handed out doggy poo bags.

The request for the 250 metres extension to the dog beach is so that the dogs can swim safely in the small pools that gather there throughout the year.

Lastly, I might add that the beaches are not the personal playgrounds of those with real estate on the beachfront.