No kidding, family time can be fun

No kidding, family time can be fun

SOMETIMES a family outing not only goes to plan, it exceeds expectation, and when this rare and exquisite occurrence unfolds you must tell your friends, bask in the glory on socials and pen a story worthy for the paper.

Like a Sephora Perth pop-up store, you may never again witness such a jaunt, but so full of colour, beauty and endless possibility you hold on to the hope that one day it becomes a permanent fixture.

You see as a mum of two kids under six and wife to a tired and frugal other half, I’ve learned to be content with OK.

In fact – I embrace OK. OK is my new ‘bloody great’.


An OK trip to Bali can feel like the trip of a lifetime. Picture: Getty


An OK trip to Bali becomes a getaway of a lifetime and an OK dinner at The Herdy – where kids emerge from the playground with both shoes and all their teeth – becomes a marvellous night out to remember.

So when a family excursion involves no tears, stacks or meltdowns (from neither kids nor parents) and the trip home includes comments like: ‘That was the best day ever,’ OK is smashed to smithereens and replaced with a resounding: superb.

For this mum, it’s the equivalent of hitting the jackpot.

And as we traversed the Wanneroo Showgrounds for the first time, we had all six winning numbers. Relishing the high long after leaving, my husband and I rushed to buy a lotto ticket – in short, it was our lucky day.

It all started with the parking, now if you nail the parking situation you’re off to a cracker start.

It cost just $3 to pull up next to the show entrance – and by some early Christmas miracle I had three gold coins waiting to be of service at the bottom of my bag (next to a half-eaten Tiny Teddy, two used batteries, a Girls Rule! lip-gloss and several Halloween lolly wrappers).

Family time can feel like hitting the jackpot. Picture: Getty

And as we pulled into a primo spot under a sweeping tree I realised my headache had gone.

Ten minutes in, hats still on heads, shoes firmly on feet, I even decided to let last night’s marital spat melt away in the morning sun – like the many choc-top ice creams disappearing down cones around us.

“Let’s not fight,” I said, hugging his waist. “Look at what we have.” At that moment our girls were walking in front of us laughing and holding hands.

As we strutted the grounds, genuinely happy, I felt like the put-together family I see and admire at events just like this.

Both kids were so well behaved, patiently waiting to snuggle bunnies and ride on teacups.

“Oh, I am so sorry,” several frazzled mothers said to me throughout the day as they restrained little Avas and Jacks from jumping queue. I was quick to smugly reply: “That’s totally fine, don’t worry about it.”

In line for her first ever pony ride my youngest danced as others dissented. My eldest scored the last BFF showbag on ground and we even had a win on the Lucky Numbers Game!

Before the feat I joked to the operator: “Does anyone actually ever win this?”

Family time can feel like hitting the jackpot. Picture: Getty


“Sometimes,” he sheepishly replied with a twinkle in his eye before astonishment set in when he announced we’d won.

My eldest claimed the giant toy dolphin she’d been eyeing off all morning – and my youngest (who demands whatever big sis has) miraculously didn’t mind.

To top things off I found $10 on the grass and spent it on two choc-tops that didn’t melt before crunch time.

Now to that lotto ticket I rushed to buy – we’re not moving to a mid-century bungalow in Coolbinia anytime soon.

But I felt like a winner all weekend, grateful for a family that gives me memories such as these.

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