Partnership key to more donors

THE thing that makes organ transplantation so unique is its dependence upon a rare and precious resource.

In addition to crucial investment in hospitals and staff, no amount of monetary investment can guarantee that crucial piece of the jigsaw, the organs themselves.

Organs are a gift that arises through the tragedy of someone’s loss. The courage of those who consider donation, in the face of loss and sorrow, is a testament to Australians’ instinctive generosity and strength.

Our ability to retrieve organs from a larger pool of potential donors is advancing. However, the numbers of patients considered suitable recipients is also increasing.

Our success in broadening the scope of transplantation is the reason that waiting lists remain a source of inevitable frustration and anxiety for those who wait for life-changing operations.

The encouraging news is that Australia has achieved a 33 per cent increase in organ donation outcomes in the first six months of 2013.

As a result, 108 more people have benefited from a transplant compared to the same time last year.

In partnership with our communities, we are committed to do even better in the future and reduce the waiting times even more.

DonateLife’s responsibility is to ensure that willing donors, their families and those in desperate need of organs are brought together, if sadly that rare opportunity for donation should arise.

The future for sustainable success in donation lies within the grasp of the community and the transplant organisations as a partnership.

Our communities will rightly demand that DonateLife and our partners continue to strive for even more transplant successes.

Crucially, our communities must also come together, discuss their donation wishes with their families and register as a donor on the national website, thereby ensuring that their wishes will be honoured.

Together, as a partnership, we can reduce waiting times and increase transplant numbers.