People have MPs

I RECEIVED a letter from Labor’s candidate at the last Federal election for the seat of Cowan.

The former candidate, Tristan Cockman, has strong views, some which I agree with, on a Department of Housing project being planned for East Greenwood.

He has every right to express his views. Nevertheless, I’m peeved at being told by him in his letter that he intends to represent Greenwood residents on the issue, after an initial residents consultation day run by developer Australand.

Mr Cockman is not an elected representative of the people.

We have elected Federal and State Members of Parliament, including a WA Upper House Labor MP, as well as two Joondalup councillors to address the concerns of the local people.

We also have the Kingsley and Greenwood Residents’ Association registered in the interests of people living in the area.

By all means encourage the politicians and residents group to listen to your opinions Mr Cockman, but as far as I’m concerned you have no official capacity to act for me, a Greenwood resident.

JOHN LOGAN, Greenwood