Plight ignored

RECENTLY the plans for a proposed ocean pool at Cottesloe were unveiled with an assurance by the Barnett Government to contribute to the costs.

At the same time the Government is refusing to contribute at all (No foreshore surety for Wanneroo, Times, November 19) to the preservation of the remnants of the once large Quinns Rocks beach coastal park, a valued community recreation area, which has been decimated by storms over several years.

The next series of storms will likely threaten the road and possibly some houses. The minister responsible, Troy Buswell, isn’t even prepared to visit the area.

By ignoring the plight of the Quinns Rocks and surrounding communities, and committing to funding adornments, no matter how desirable, in elite suburbs, this Government once again demonstrates for whom they govern.

Megan Cockman, Quinns Rocks