Flyovers a Poor Decision

I HAVE to question Paul Miles’ comments headlined “Lobby for flyovers gains momentum” in last week’s edition in relation to his solution for the traffic congestion at the Joondalup Drive and Wanneroo Road intersection.

The MP for Wanneroo is quoted as saying, “Computer modelling shows the new Flynn Drive will take quite a lot of traffic,” and therefore provides another entry point to the freeway via Flynn Drive.

People driving from Carramar, Tapping, and Banksia Grove would have to go through the very intersection in question to get to the Flynn Road freeway entry further north.

That does not actually reduce the cars that come from the east using the Joondalup Drive and Wanneroo Road intersection.

Thousands of people are wasting their precious time at this intersection every morning and afternoon.

Mr Miles has had seven years to work on this.

His solution is to send motorists who travel between east and west, on a detour north, along the most treacherous stretch of single lane Wanneroo Road and further extend people’s travel distance, travel time and travel risk.

The urban growth in those key urban areas to the east is only going to make the traffic congestion even worse.


Labor candidate

State seat of Wanneroo.