Preserve trees

I FEEL compelled to write regarding last week’s letter headlined ‘On chopping block” and I must say I totally disagree with writer Graham Allen’s comments.

Although the trees lining the northern end of Civic Drive are not native, they are beautiful trees and I always admire them as I drive past.

If they were to be felled due to the very slim chance of causing a fatality to a pedestrian or motorist, I would be very disappointed.

I remember not far back a large mature tree was cut down in the car park near the post office because it was apparently deemed a tripping hazard. In summer, this tree provided much sought-after shade and now it’s gone.

I thought we were supposed to be greening our cities and having large mature trees that provide shade and cool the streets in the middle of summer are essential as far as I’m concerned.

To chop down these magnificent 40-year-old trees would be a disgrace. Once they are gone, they are gone and it will take another 40 to 50 years for mature trees to grow and replace them.