Proud parents

OUR daughter Anna received so many presents for her fifth birthday from friends at her party, that I was struggling to fit everything in the playroom, so she said that she had a solution.

She said she would like to hold a garage sale and sell all of her old toys to raise money for sick children in Princess Margaret Hospital and as Anna would like to be a doctor when she is older, this seemed perfect.

She said that PMH also helped her brother, Maxi, too a few times.

I thought it wonderful idea and we had the sale on June 14. She also baked gingerbread and sold other cakes on the stall to raise money.

Anna raised $203.50 for PMH and had a fabulous time doing so. She also had lots of support from local people, friends, children and parents at her school, Francis Jordan Catholic School, with kind words, lending us tables and some donated things to sell.

Her friend Indi came and stayed to support her on the stall, and others came to buy things and help Anna raise the money.

It was a fabulous day and we are so proud of Anna.

Jo and Rob Steiner, Joondalup.