Questions posed over flag protocol

I POSE this reply to John Stewart, whose letter on the flying of the Australian flag was published in last week’s edition.

I am a very loyal flag flyer. I love having the Australian flag flying over my home and try to adhere to the appropriate protocols at all times.

However, at times this is impossible to do. As I work some 30km away from home, I cannot afford to leave work to attend to my flag.

On Remembrance Day, the protocol was to lower the flag for a period of 32 minutes. Should I not have flown the flag on this day and totally ignored the sombre reverence of the day, thus leaving an empty pole for the whole day?

As to the lowering of the flag at sunset unless it is illuminated, I ask just how much illumination is required? Due to the street lighting being numerous to light up the intersection upon which my house is near, I reckon it is adequate to fly my flag at night.

As there are so few houses flying flags, maybe we should not be so picky that the rules are broken at times and be more proud that these homes have gone to the expense to erect flag poles and fly the Australian flag in honour of those whohave fallen for our freedom and love what it means to fly the flag over our homes.

Come on Australia. let’s get on the bandwagon and get more Aussie flags out there.

Barry Howell, Joondalup.