FURTHER to Andrea Rose’s letter in the July 9 edition headlined ‘Still waiting’, I contacted the council by email a few weeks ago asking what could be done about the huge increase of truck traffic on Hawkins Road and a few other matters, including the impact the extra truck traffic is having upon residents.

I also specifically stated that the trucks and increase of traffic were now having a detrimental effect on Badgerup Road, which is the most direct route to take from here when going south.

The condition of the road is rapidly degrading and I wanted to know if a bond was payable by the company that operates a commercial sand quarry at the northern end of Hawkins Road for road restoration.

That issue was not addressed in the reply, instead only Hawkins Road was referred to.

I have also raised concerns about a sand quarry operating on the sensitive Gnangara Water Mound. How can this happen when water from the mound is a vital resource.

I empathise with Ms Rose because, like her, I live on the road that is also affected by the increased traffic in the area.

H. COWIE, Jandabup.