Larissa Bennell is off to the US. Picture: Matthew Poon d401464
Larissa Bennell is off to the US. Picture: Matthew Poon d401464

WHETHER you agree to the Whitford City expansion plan or not: argue, don’t threaten. We are not using the tactics of intimidation.

We want respect for each other’s view. Whoever does not accept this has no place in our society.

My point of view is, like it or not, the council offers the plan for public consultation (that is fair). The mayor does not share the enthusiasms of the shopping centre consultants (that is his point of view; let us respect it).

I respect director of planning Dale Pages’ professional approach. I respect Hillarys MP Rob Johnson, I have contact with Urbis, the Westfields consultants.

The shopping centre needs a redo, it is outdated. I also think that there is a limited chance to run a profitable centre if the retail space is doubled.

It is a good idea to offer a chance for the owners at Endeavour Road and Banks Avenue to use a higher R rating to put life into these streets. However, it is up to the landowners to do it or not.

I also think that traffic will be a problem if we see more than a moderate increase of retail space. The assumption that people will walk, use a bike and take the bus has not worked and will not work.

Please study the plans; offer your views and then let us wait for the result of the community consultation. The council will debate the case in due course.

At that time, offer your ideas to the council. Once the council has made a decision, we have to see what comes next.