Former Labour representative for Cowan defends meeting interruption

IN response to Heather Chester’s and Sonia Makoare’s letters in the October 21 and 28 editions respectively, I too would like to congratulate the Kingsley and Greenwood Residents’ Association for its efforts in ensuring residents’ views have been taken into account in relation to the East Greenwood Primary School development.

I think residents have a right to know what is going on in their neighbourhood. The Department of Housing has refused a request by the residents’ association to release details of its proposed development prior to formal lodgement with the council.

The department and Australand also reneged on their commitment (made at the August 2 meeting) to hold another community consultation day.

At the August meeting, residents were expecting a forum to ask questions, but instead were receiving only a sales pitch until I ‘grandstanded’ (to use both Heather’s and Sonia’s word), which allowed residents to ask questions.

What I also find interesting is the absence of other local politicians in this important issue. What is the Mayor of Joondalup’s position on higher density in Greenwood?

What has he and State and Federal members done to help?


Labor representative for Cowan, 2013 Federal Election