Road scary

Tyson Sarich in action. Pictures: Matt Jelonek d401704
Tyson Sarich in action. Pictures: Matt Jelonek d401704

YES, San Rosa Road is a nice, long, wide road, just perfect for the continuous use as a drag strip, a racecourse and doing three-sixty turn-arounds. Mr Dickens, you obviously don’t live on San Rosa Road.

Safe you say: I cannot speak for the other residents, but for the 18 years that I have lived here I have been scared to death to let my children play or ride their bikes on the front verge for fear of their lives.

As for no accidents, less than 18 months ago the driver of a 4×4 ute lost control and demolished half of my neighbour’s limestone wall.

Good job it wasn’t my wall with my daughter playing in the front yard at the time.

In response to your comment about passing turning vehicles without taking to the dirt or crossing the pavement, any safety-conscious law-abiding driver wouldn’t do that. I for one will gladly put up with a little more noise for safety’s sake as it can’t be any worse than listening to cars screaming up and down the road now.

I say a big thank you to the council for trying to make San Rosa Road safer for our children by slowing down the hoons.