Roads becoming obstacle courses

WHAT is the obsession in Wanneroo with taking a perfectly safe section of road and then reducing its safety by placing unnecessary obstacles in the middle of it?

San Rosa Road is shortly to receive this treatment and my question has to be, why?

The road is dead-straight, there are only two intersections, there is enough width for three cars and it doesn’t come much safer than that.

I have driven up and down this road every day for the past 30 years and have yet to see a single accident, so what is the justification for this expense?

From the markings on the road, there are numerous central islands planned, effectively cutting the width from three cars to two.

It will be impossible to pass turning vehicles, without taking to the dirt or crossing the pavement.

There are two sets of islands halfway down that are angled at close to 45 degrees, which I presume are meant to slow people down.

From my observation, the opposite will be the case.

There will be an increased danger to people and property if a driver loses control after clipping one of these islands and additional noise pollution for the residents from vehicles braking and accelerating from these points.

It will remain to be seen if they are to receive the ultimate in mid-road ‘safety features’ by the way of trees.

Who was the genius that came up with that idea?