Salvos need help

At the beginning of spring, staff and volunteers embarked on a makeover for the church’ grounds, planting various shrubs alongside the footpath and parking areas to create a verdant, relaxing setting.

The highlight of the landscaping was 12 hibiscus plants valued at $110, which bloomed shortly after and delighted all visitors with their vibrant colours.

Sadly, the enjoyment was short lived. During the night of Saturday, November 9, the new plants, along with other established agaves, were stolen.

Churchgoers on Sunday morning were met by the devastating sight and struggled to comprehend how someone could commit such a lowly act.

‘Never mind’, said Captain Cymon Brooks. ‘We pray that those who took our plants will see Jesus’ face reflecting at them when they admire the beautiful flowers’.

Captain Brooks is now hoping that donation will help the church replace the stolen hibiscus. Without public assistance, the church will be forced to relay on funds that would otherwise be used to assist those in need.