Signature given

IT gave me great pleasure to find Mary O’Byrne at my door asking for my signature on her petition to the Joondalup council for the installation of a pedestrian under or overpass at the intersection of Edinburgh and Marmion avenues, Kinross.

I simply could not believe it, because I have been longing to get back over there and down to the beach.

I used to walk it with my wife Eva, but since some recent ill health left me with defective peripheral vision, I can no longer chance the crossing.

The traffic made it difficult enough before, but now it is impossible, unless we go in the car.

Being older and a little bit unwell should not disqualify one from the simple pleasure of a good long walk.

My wife and I would love an underpass then we could zip along; it is boring now just walking around in circles when the sea and the beach are just a short distance away.

DON McARTHUR, Kinross.