Site’s sad fate

IT would be a shame to see the Ingham’s site, an icon of Wanneroo, go. It was here a long time before many of the houses built up around it.

Over the years, it has provided employment to many of the locals.

The City of Wanneroo seems more interested in reaping the financial benefits of putting in another high-density housing estate and collecting the council rates for the developed land.

This parcel of land is owned by Ingham. Even if they move, it would be better to preserve the area as a natural wildlife park. It is the habitat of 30 to 40 kangaroos and varied Australian birdlife.

I often see people taking overseas visitors to the site to take photographs.

With the increasing population of Wanneroo, why would you decrease employment opportunities?

If the council only wants to improve the smell of the area, they should offer to connect the whole site to the deep sewerage.

It might not get rid of all the smell, but would reduce it and score some brownie points for the councillors.