Solution makes no sense

Because that’s what they are ” are stealing the places of people who have, and are, waiting patiently in refugee camps.

Countless millions of Jews who couldn’t afford to pay people smugglers did die in Nazi Germany and countries the Nazis invaded before and during the war.

With our schools overcrowded, our hospitals in crisis, our police force overstretched and under-funded, unemployment on the rise and both State and federal budgets blown out, how does Dr Pedersen’s solution of releasing the asylum seekers into the community and allow them to work make any sense at all?

Given the worldwide problem with refugees, the agreements reached by I am sure decent, well-meaning people 70 years ago need serious revisiting.

Obviously with the new initiatives regarding people coming to our country by boat being introduced by, hopefully, both main parties, the lawyers will be rubbing their hands together at the fees that will be generated. A great deal of those fees will be paid out of the public purse by challenging these sensible initiatives in a court of law.

As an Australian, I believe I have the right to decide who comes to live in my country.

If Dr Pedersen is to be believed, my rights are not as important as, sorry Dr Pedersen, ‘boat people’.