Sore blisters

Tyson Sarich in action. Pictures: Matt Jelonek d401704
Tyson Sarich in action. Pictures: Matt Jelonek d401704

FROM my observation and experience, I would say writer John Dickens of Wanneroo (Times, June 4) and San Rosa Road are in for some expensive and frustrating times.

What a dog’s breakfast of ideas the stretch of Ocean Reef Road from Shenton Avenue to Hodges Drive has been.

When first laid it was relatively straight with a cycle lane on both sides and 70km/h. As a cyclist, I felt comfortable as there was ample room for motorists to pass by.

Then some bright spark had the idea of putting five “blister islands” along that stretch of road, presumably to slow motorists down.

When you can drive straight by the island with little or no deviation/adjustment of the steering wheel then motorists are not going to slow down.

All it did was frighten cyclists at 10 more points as we are “cut off” by motorists as we enter and leave the blister islands.

The tyre stains are ample proof of where most motorists drive.

On contacting Joondalup City Council, I was told “everything will be OK as the police are often there with their radar-speed cameras.’

As a sign of admission that these blister islands do not work, Main Roads has recently dropped the speed limit of 70km/h to 50km/h on this stretch of road.