I HOPE the powers-that-be at the City of Wanneroo have also read Greg Glascov letter headlined “Hell highway’ alias Badgerup Road in the July 2 edition.

I wrote to the City of Wanneroo last year asking for a review of the 80km/h speed limit along Badgerup Road and received a polite reply informing me that it was in the process of doing such a review.

So how long does this review take to complete and how hard is it to organise within the shire and to facilitate with Main Roads in lowering the speed limit?

Death, serious injuries: this is what will happen to someone sooner than later. The shire and Main Roads are both aware of how dangerous this road has become. The shire is aware that more than 3000 cars and trucks use this road daily, (last year’s figures) and traffic use is increasing enormously.

The City appears to be sitting on the fence hoping the problem goes away when the Lenore Road upgrade is completed. It may very well not.

Meanwhile, the drivers continue to speed and overtake on the straight south of Duva Deli at high speeds. In addition, impatient drivers overtake on the double white lines or on top of the hill and large trucks have no extra allowance with oncoming traffic.

It all makes a frightening experience for pedestrians, bike riders and horse riders. I’ve even seen young mothers and prams walking alongside the road where there are no footpaths.

I know all this because I live on this road, am a pedestrian on it and drive along this road. I see it all.

ANDREA ROSE, Wanneroo.