Stop this littering

In addition, litter is a problem on the trains.

I had to pick up someone’s rubbish off the train the other day. It is so common that we need to have a special police litter squad.

People who litter should be fined and if you are drinking alcohol on PTA property the fine or penalty should be steep.

In addition, fast-food restaurants should be fined if their car park has litter. And the police need to start fining people for littering.

What will it take to force people to stop their offensive behaviour? Cane them? Fine them $2000? Because if they get caught littering they are probably serial litterers . Therefore, the more severe the penalty the better.

People throwing rubbish, such as glass bottles, from a car is dangerous and should be charged under the new rock-throwing laws.

Every school needs to have a litter education program and families need to teach their children that littering is wrong.

Recently on radio it was reported that families had left their litter behind at the beach park. This is not only awful but I’m also left wondering where have people left their responsibility?