Story delights

I CONGRATULATE you on the heart-warming headlined ‘Microchip plays big part in joyful reunion’ where you related how the Helac family of Wanneroo were reunited with their pet cat after almost five years.

As a cat owner myself, I empathise with the sadness the family must have endured in the early days after Mish went missing.

What perhaps only pet owners would fully appreciate is that Jazzy, the Helacs’ dog ” and reportedly Mish’s ‘best friend’ when she went missing ” would more than likely have suffered similar anxiety and loss.

She (or he) too will be glad to have Mish back home.

I am delighted for the Helac family that they are together again at last.

Some people who don’t wish to have a pet might not understand the depth of feeling that pet owners feel for the creatures in their charge.

I am pleased that the Government’s cat laws, which mandate the micro-chipping of domestic cats, will likely be instrumental in reuniting even more families with their beloved pets in the future.

Good luck to the Helacs. And thank you too to the Times for sharing this delightful story with the community.


North Metropolitan Region