Study the science

Perhaps it is not delusional but privy to data that David Archibald (Money better spent, Times, August 5) has not researched.

Our climate denier goes on to show he does not have a clue about the science of this worldwide change in progress now.

One reason that global average air temperature has only changed slightly in the past 14 years is that the sea temperature has to catch up.

Where does he think the heat is going?

Of course, there is more sea ice in Antarctica because the warmer air can hold more moisture, which falls as snow.

This melts sooner due to the higher sea temperature. In a cooler environment, the snow would compact to ice and last for years.

All this info is readily available on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change website.

It even talks about China’s efforts to lead the world in carbon mitigation policies. China now has seven provinces with a carbon tax.

I suggest Mr Archibald studies the scientific version before making more statements not supported by overwhelming evidence.

David Humrich, Greenwood