Subdivision concerns

Willeton Senior High School principal Chris Booth
Willeton Senior High School principal Chris Booth

I RECENTLY went and inspected the proposed subdivision plans for the former Craigie High School available for viewing at the City of Joondalup office.

My property adjoins the proposed subdivision.

Presently, my rear boundary fence is approximately 1.6m in height and the land directly behind me is relatively flat with some nice trees presently housing a kookaburra family.

The proposal is to remove these trees and replace the existing fence with a 1.2m modular retaining wall upon which shall sit a Colorbond fence of at least 1.8m in height.

Four-and-a-half metres from this new fence, they plan to install another 1.1m retaining wall upon which will likely be built a house.

What astounds me is that the current proposed structural plan allows this house to be up to 13m tall!

To add insult to injury, the rear of my block faces north. For those in the know, this is where the winter sun sits.

I was somewhat gobsmacked to be advised by the City that they did not have any overshadowing diagrams for me to examine to determine whether I will, in fact, have any daylight winter sun.

Supposedly, this will be done after public consultation has closed (which is a bit late for me to be able to provide feedback!)

I strongly urge all residents in the local vicinity of this subdivision to ascertain for themselves the true nature of this subdivision and ensure that the land is not developed to the detriment of existing residents and their property values.

Abigail Boyd,