Support given

I WRITE in support of Tristan Cockman in his efforts to help Greenwood residents with the redevelopment of the East Greenwood Primary School site, an important issue for Greenwood residents.

In 2011, I organised a petition (847 signatures) to State Parliament, asking for early consultation, allowing residents to voice their concerns and help guide the project from its early stages.

This is now happening and is continuing, with the plans for the site expected to be lodged with the City in December.

The big news is that Australand, the developer, has confirmed that there will be no four-storey buildings. Ongoing updates will be posted on my website

At a community meeting in early August, Mr Cockman persuaded Australand to widen the consultation area to include all of Greenwood, resulting in a far-broader consultation area.

He has dropped letters in the whole suburb. He has pestered me with questions.

Anyone who puts in this much effort has my support.


Councillor, South-East Ward

City of Joondalup.