Take some free advice

TALK to any long-time local at Quinns and they will tell you that you don’t need to spend money on a “beach survey” to know that the erosion of Quinns Beach has been causing problems for a long while.

This week’s removal of the playground by the City of Wanneroo, before it toppled into the ocean, was a wake-up call to the broader community of what the locals have been sadly watching for a long time now.

Scientists, bureaucrats and consultants will now no doubt expend a lot of additional ratepayer dollars to try and explain and fix this disastrous erosion.

Perhaps we should listen to some free advice from one of the old locals: ‘If we keep messing with mother nature and build marinas, she will bite us in the bum.’

I don’t know what’s to blame for the problems on Quinns Beach.

But where are those scientists that say building marinas don’t have an environmental impact?

Sabine Winton,