Thanks to police

The girls had been dropped off shopping at Whitfords shopping centre in the late afternoon and were attempting to get home by train and bus to Karrinyup, as neither set of parents were able to pick them up at the time they wished to come home.

Not having used transport in this area before, they ended up on a bus taking them to Joondalup shops rather than Greenwood station. On arriving at Joondalup they were feeling intimidated by the number of youths hanging around smoking, some appeared intoxicated or high, and the girls felt vulnerable.

They sensibly approached a group of police officers who took their concern seriously and three of them helped the girls buy tickets, then another two officers walked them to the platform and remained there until they saw the girls board the train.

I acknowledge that they were not actually in any trouble, but the presence and friendly reception the officers gave them made them feel secure and I am just wanting to acknowledge the officers for their kindness. Often as not the police seem to be mentioned with bad press and are rarely thanked.

As a parent of teenage girls, I am proud that the girls acted on their instincts and were comfortable in approaching the officers.

We’ve always told them to follow their ‘gut instinct’ and if it doesn’t feel right then remove yourself from the situation, or seek assistance.