Toddler saved

The drivers of other cars did not stop but one woman driver did and shouted at the boy to stop. I jumped out of my car, ran across the road and grabbed the little boy.

I walked into the nearest driveway, knocked at the door and when a woman opened the door, I asked her if the child was hers.

She took a few seconds to say yes and when I told her he was on the road her answer was no answer at all. She said just a simple thanks when I walked away.

I though most mums would have been crying after such an incident.

As I got in my car, a police car came out of the shopping centre and drove into the driveway. The officer must have seen what had happened.

It is not long ago that another African boy was run over. I felt that although this mother was a migrant she should have been charged. However, the officer did not ask me to stay there as a witness.