Traffic danger

IT is a very difficult task for Kinross Primary School and Kinross College students to cross Marmion Avenue between Grand Ocean Entrance and Edinburgh Avenue to attend school on foot, unassisted in what is high-speed, high-volume traffic.

The scale of that difficulty is affecting Kinross College enrolments.

I�ve started a doorknocking petition to obtain a footbridge or an underpass to span Marmion because I witnessed two little girls squeeze dangerously through car bumpers in peak traffic.

I now find myself counting �the invisible� � the adults who dare not cross but would like to.

Burns Beach is a beachside suburb dependent on Kinross for ordinary facilities. The two suburbs are logistically one suburb divided by a near constant, fast-flowing river of traffic. People motor to everything, adding to the traffic burden.

Joondalup council is planning an �at grade crossing� on the same level as the road incorporating a pedestrian refuge, leaving us with the same circumstances we have.

We need walkability. Simply put, effective community design measures to promote walking and cycling as alternatives to driving cars to reach shopping, school and other common destinations.

MARY O�BYRNE, Kinross.